Chalet guest manual

Welcome to Ylläs This page contains practical information to make your stay at the Chalet more enjoyable. Instructions from heating the fireplace and sauna to using the appliances at the Chalet.

Electric lock

  • The cottage has an electronic, PIN-operated Yale Doorman lock.
  • The six-digit PIN code will be sent via SMS to the telephone number provided at the time of booking latest a day before your arrival. If your phone number has changed, be sure to notify us in advance by calling 050-3811663.
  • Be sure to enter an asterisk before the code and after the code, for example * 123456 * *123456*
  • If the PIN is lost, you can request a new one by calling or sending a message to +358 50 3811663

If the lock batteries run out and you are outside the cottage, you can unlock it by connecting a 9 volt (9 v) battery to the connectors below the lock as shown in the image and entering your PIN.

The needed 9V battery can be found outside the cottage in the place shown in the picture below.

If the lock warns you that the batteries are low, replace the batteries as soon as possible.

A screwdriver to fit the lock (pictured) and new AA batteries can be found in the bedroom’s green wall cabinet.

Electrical cabinet and fuses

  • The chalet’s electrical cabinet is located in the foyer
  • Spare fuses can be found in the electrical cabinet
  • The car socket fuse is removed for the summer, so in the autumn it is advisable to tighten the fuse back into place
  • Do not close the main switch under any circumstances

Main water faucet

  • The main faucet of the cottage is located under the sauna benches.
  • If there is no water when you arrive at the cottage, it is due to the closed main water tap
  • Do not close the main water tap unless there is a special need.

Water heater

  • The cottage’s water heater is located under the sauna benches.
  • Upon arrival at the cottage, check that the water heater is on. The switch should be in the 1KW position.
  • In severe winter frosts or if your expected water consumption is exceptionally high, you can switch the water heater temporarily to 3KW.
  • Before leaving the cottage, return the water heater to position 1KW.

Sewer defrosting

  • The Elmax defrost control for the drain can be found in the Sauna, under the benches
  • During severe frosts, the defrost indicator should be on red
  • During normal winter weather, when the temperature is above -15*c, the indicator light should be green

Heat pump

  • Please use the heat pump as the primary means to control the temperature in the chalet’s open space.
  • Temperature can be adjusted using the remote control.
  • When leaving the cottage, leave the Air Heat Pump on and set the temperature to 16 ° C.

Drying cabinet and shoe dryer

  • A drying cabinet and shoe dryer are in the entryway.
  • Select the desired temperature and drying time from the drying cabinet’s control panel.
  • Please note that the drying cabinet and sauna cannot be on at the same time. If used simultaneously, the electrical system automatically shuts off the sauna.
  • When you leave the cottage, check that there are no clothes left in your drying cabinet.

Linen and cleaning

  • Linen and cleaning are included in bookings made through AirBnb.
  • Overnight stays without bed linen are prohibited. Linen can be rented at the time of booking. You can also use your own linen if you prefer.
  • The tenant is responsible for cleaning the cottage unless cleaning service has been agreed with the booking. A cleaning service can be booked in advance at the time of booking. All AirBnb bookings include cleaning service. The cottage must be handed over cleaned and properly ventilated. The cleaning of the cottage is handled by Ant-Tilat Ky, tel. +358 400 774757 0400-774 757.
  • If the cottage is left in uncleaned condition, the tenant will be charged a € 200 cleaning fee.

Vacuum cleaner

  • Always check that the vacuum cleaner dust bag is not full before use. The vacuum uses S-Bag type bags. Replacement bags can be found in the cleaning cabinet.
  • When the bag is full, put it in the trash and replace it with a new one.
  • The vacuum cleaner is equipped with S-Bag model vacuum cleaner bags, which can be found in the bathroom cleaning cabinet.

Garbage and sorting

  • The rubbish bin of the cottage is at the front left of the cottage
  • The garbage bin is emptied on Tuesdays. Weekly during the high season and outside the high season based on the occupancy of the cottage.
  • Glass and metal should be sorted separately in the wooden basket next to the bin


  • Pets are welcome at the cottage, provided you notify us in advance.
  • Pets are not allowed in the chalet without pre-agreement.
  • Pets are charged a €50 pet supplement.
  • If you have not ordered cleaning, please make sure to clean after your pet properly.

    Fireplace and firewood

  • The cottage living room has a heat storing fireplace
  • When you leave the cottage, empty the ashes from the fireplace hearth and the ash hatch into the ash container on the terrace.
    • Before using the stove, make sure that the damper is open. The damper is located in the bedroom.
    • Open the damper by first pushing it all the way in and then pulling out about 20cm.
    • Firewood can be found on the cottage terrace.
    • If there are fewer firewoods than shown in the picture, notify the number +358 50 3811663 without delay, by calling or sending a picture message.


    • Indoor smoking is strictly prohibited.
    • There is an ashtray on the terrace of the cottage, in which the cigarette butts should be placed.
    • Do not throw cigarette butts into the terrain or fireplace.

    Fire safety

    • The cottage has 3 fire alarms, one carbon monoxide alarm and a fire blanket.
    • The alarms are cleaned and the batteries are replaced by the owner once a year. The alarms are renewed at regular intervals.
    • When you come to the cottage, test the functionality of the alarms using the test button in each device.
    • A smoke alarm indicates the need to replace the battery with a short signal once a minute.
    • When the battery runs out, replace the new battery without delay. Replacement batteries are in the bedroom’s green wall cabinet.
    • In the event of a fire, call the general emergency number 112.


    • Soap, hair care products and other hygiene products such as toilet paper are not included.
    • You can leave unused toiletries for the next guests.

    Kitchen equipment

    The kitchen is equipped to meet the needs of a small household

    • Frying pan, pancake pan
    • Boilers with lids
    • Strainer
    • Cutting boards
    • Dishes
    • Deep plates for soup or porridge
    • Bread plates
    • Coffee cups
    • Drinking glasses
    • Cutlery
    • Knives, peeler, cheese planer, strainer, etc. supplies

    Stove and cooker hood

    • The stove is a traditional floor stove with oven
    • When you leave the cottage, check that both the stove and the oven are clean after use

    Wireless network connection

    • The cottage has a Huawei B593 wireless router and 4G Elisa network connection (100MB)
    • The router password can be found on the back of the router
    • When leaving the cottage, do not turn off the router
    • If the red warning light on the front panel of the router comes on as shown, please restart the router from the switch on the side of the router.
  • If the router cannot connect to the network, please restart the router from the switch on the side of the router.
  • Stove and sauna

    • The cottage has a Mondex Teno 6.6KW electric stove
    • It takes about half an hour to warm up the sauna to suitable bathing temperature which is anything between 70 to 100 centigrade – depending on individual preferences.
    • We recommend using lukewarm tap water. Use tap water for the stove. Throwing water on the side / on the lower stones produces a softer steam. If you want harder and more aggressive steam, pour plenty of warm water on top of the stove all at once.

    • The upper adjustment lever is the timer switch. In the picture, the stove is turned on for two hours.
    • If you want to take a sauna as soon as possible, turn the clock switch between 1-4. The heater starts immediately and starts to heat up.

    • The lower control lever is the heater’s thermostat.
    • The desired temperature is adjusted by turning the thermostat.

    • If you want to heat the stove after a certain time, you can use the timer to schedule the heating to start after 1-8 hours.

    • In the picture, the heater is set on a timer to start after two hours.

      The clock starts and after two hours the power switches on and the heater starts to heat up. After switching on the power, the heater is always on for a maximum of 4 hours.


    • The cottage has two washbasins – one for washing and one for rinsing the dishes
    • A Miele dishwasher has been installed in February 2021
    • Please note that the water tap on the dishwasher is opened by the small lever on the bottom of the kitchen faucet (see picture on the right)
    • The cottage has no dishwashing detergents and kitchen paper.
    • We recommend that you bring a few detergent detergent buttons and a roll of kitchen towels to the cottage.
    • You can leave unused housewares for the following guests.

    Damage, defects and emergencies

    • The general emergency number in Finland is 112
    • Please report damage and defects without delay by calling +358 50 3811663
    • The tenant is responsible for any damage to the cottage or its furniture
    • The landlord’s liability is capped at € 1,000 in all cases