Booking calendar

Check availability with the booking calendar. Make a reservation using the online form below. You will receive an invoice for the rent of the cottage by e-mail to the address you provided when booking. The cottage rent is due 30 days before the start of the rental period. Your reservation is only binding once the booking fee has been paid. The rental period for the cottage starts at 4 pm and ends at 12 noon.

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Terms and conditions

Booking and booking confirmation

    • The person making the reservation must be of legal age (18 years or above) at the time of booking.
    • Once you have made a booking on our website, please wait for the booking to be confirmed. The days you have booked will appear as booked only once your reservation is confirmed.

Rent and billing 

    • Once your booking in confirmed, you will receive a €200 booking fee with 14 days payment term.
    • The remaining balance of the cottage rent is due 30 days before the start of the rental period. Paid booking fee is deducted from the invoice.
    • If the start of the rental period is less than 60 days, or if the rent is less than €400, the rental will be invoiced in one payment with 14 days payment term. In this case, no separate booking fee will be charged.
    • A reservation is only binding on both parties once the booking fee or rent has been paid.


    • If the booking is canceled:
      • more than 30 days before the rental term begins, half of the rent paid will be refunded
      • less than 30 days before the rental term begins, rent will not be refunded
      • The booking fee or equivalent 200€ will not be refunded under any circumstances
    • The booking fee is non-refundable in the event of travel disruption due to exceptional circumstances (e.g. travel restrictions due to corona), quarantine or illness, the above cancellation policy will apply. Any compensation must be claimed from travel insurance.

Cottage handover

    • The cottage will be available for your use on the day of arrival at 16:00.
    • If you book a cleaning service for a fee, the cottage must be available for cleaning on the day of departure at 12:00
    • If you are cleaning yourself, the cottage must be free for inspection and ventilated by 14:00.

Linen and cleaning

    • It is forbidden to stay without bed linen. Linen can be rented at the time of booking. You can also stay with your own linen.
    • The tenant is responsible for cleaning the cottage. A cleaning service can be booked in advance at the time of booking. The cottage must be vacated cleaned and ventilated.
    • If the cottage is handed over in an unclean condition, the tenant will be charged a € 200 cleaning fee.
    • Ant-Tilat Ky takes care of the cleaning the cottage, tel. 0400-774757, email:


    • The cottage has an electronic, PIN-locked Yale Doorman lock.
    • The PIN will be sent to the phone number provided at the time of booking as a text message.
    • If you lose your PIN, you can request a new one by calling 050-3811 663.


    • Pets must be notified at the time of booking. Pets are not allowed in the cottage without a separate permit. Pets are charged a pet supplement.
    • Indoor smoking is prohibited. On the terrace of the cottage there is an ashtray in which the cigarette butts should be placed. No butts in the terrain or in the fireplace.

Damages, concerns and emergencies

    • Damage and defects should be reported immediately to 050-3811663
    • The tenant will fully compensate for damage to the cottage or its furniture
    • The property owner’s liability is limited to 1000€
    • In case of emergency, contact the caretaker: Eero Jauhojärvi 0400-398230